Cinnamon Serenity Villa | Haldamulla

Hotel Facilities
6 Rooms

Total Rooms

15 Pax

Rooms Maximum Occupants Allowed

Swimming pool

Fusce tincidunt nis ace park

Parking Space

Fusce tincidunt nis ace park

In House Chef Available

Groceries need to be provided Our Chef specialized with Sri Lankan cuisine In House Cooking & BBQ facilities available.

In House Cooking & BBQ facilities
Outdoor Activities
Birds watching
Garden visit
Pool Games
Helicopter Tour
Create Memories to Last a Lifetime

The Villa

The villa has a contemporary appearance with a large hall and dining space outfitted with contemporary facilities. In the upstairs parlor, there is an expansive flat-screen television and yet it is second only to the magnificent vista of the mountains that opens up just beyond. Further, Cinnamon Serenity Villa, with its six rooms and capacity for up to 15 guests, is the perfect location for family reunions and weekend get-togethers. Facilities and experience – Swimming pool, trekking and biking paths, bird watching, BBQ, helicopter tour, in-house chef, indoor/outdoor game facilities.

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